Lesson 8 – Chemical Engineering and Computer Science

On Saturday April 25th, Access Engineering held their 8th and final lesson of the semester. One of the groups participated in the chemical engineering lab. Students used high-resolution cameras to determine the hydrophobicity of different materials by finding the contact angle. They also used knowledge of these kinds of materials to separate water and oil. A different group continued to work on their Java programming, where they learned about methods and the difference between public and private definitions. The final group completed their work with the mechanical engineering branch when they assembled and tested their catapults.

The advanced section finished up their CAD parts from previous weeks. Students designed and printed objects such as a stick-shift handles and super hero logos.

The Access Engineering team was extremely happy to have all the students we had this year. As the first year of the program since it’s reformation, there was a lot of trial and error throughout the year, and the students took it all in stride. We look forward to another great year next year with even better lessons and even more students. For first-semester Access Students, we would highly encourage you to apply for the second semester of programming that we offer.