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Lessons 6 & 7 – Advanced Solid Works and Electrical Engineering

Lesson 5

Lesson 4 – Introduction to Electrical Engineering

On Saturday October 31stth, Access Engineering held their fourth lesson of the semester. The sections this week spanned computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Students in the electrical engineering sections began to learn basics of Arduino programming and circuit design in Penn’s Linux computing labs. They constructed circuits using potentiometers and photoresistors as inputs to control different lights.

The computer science students continued to progress quickly through the curriculum and began to cover objects in their coursework.

The MEAM section continued to test and refine their catapults, and are preparing to make more advanced assemblies in the SolidWorks environment.

Lesson 3 – Continued Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

On Saturday October 24th, Access Engineering held their third lesson of the semester. The sections this week spanned biological engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and electrical engineering.

Students in the mechanical engineering section continued working with SolidWorks and designing catapults for next week’s competition. Students made the bases for the catapults out of Lego pieces and had the arms of the machine 3-D printed in Penn’s labs.

EES students worked with Arduino again and learned about how to make networks. Biological engineering got a preliminary overview of the subject in anticipation of the upcoming project. Finally, the computer science sections continue to learn about basic Java and arrays.