Lesson 2 – Piston Engines, Catapults and Basic Java, February 21st, 2015

Access Engineering had their second lesson of the semester this Saturday. The introductory groups continued to work on their SolidWorks parts for the impending catapult competition next week. Groups were allowed to work on their designs throughout the week so that the catapults could be 3-D printed over the next week. The other introductory session was given a number of small computer science challenges using skills they were taught last week. These challenges introduced students to the coding environment and learn about basic syntax.

The advanced mechanical engineering section embarked on a project today to make small crank motor with twin pistons. Students were encouraged to work out proportions for the parts and make design considerations rather than copying an existing part. In their following computer science section, the students reviewed loops and other fundamentals in preparation for the comprehensive robotics challenge they will complete at the end of the semester.