Advanced Section Introduced

To follow up with students that had already gone through the program, Access introduced an advanced section of the program. This built up on some of the fundamentals of the club – computer science, SolidWorks, and electrical engineering. This was accompanied by an overhaul of the fundamental program to incorporate student..Read More


In an effort to expand the size of the club on campus, the club gets a new set of logos and fliers.

Board and Club Expand Again

With a new recruiting cycle, Danica Reinicke joined on as Public Relations Chair, Dina took over for Treasurer, and Adam Rawot joined for web presence and marketing. The club grew to accommodate between 30 and 40 students.

Changing Philosophies

The club started with the idea of asking we as undergraduates became engineers and wondering what resources we needed when we were looking at college paths. The core aspects of the club were built from there – we wanted to show what it was actually like to be an undergraduate.

Board Expands

The founding board grew to include Chloe Le Comte as Treasurer, Vahid Hoshmand as Lesson Planner, and Kevin Procopio as Community Outreach chair. The founding board received help from Sid Deliwala, a SEAS employee in the Academic Programming Office.