First Post-COVID In-Person Semester

The 2022 Fall Semester of Access Engineering saw its first return to in-person lessons since COVID-19. Despite the past two virtual years, Access was able to match our student enrollment from before the pandemic, delivering the same, engaging material to our students.

Adjusting to Virtual Times

The Fall 2020 semester of Access Engineering featured virtual, asynchronous lessons found under the “Curriculum” tab. To increase student engagement, live demos were performed for the following three semesters of Access, featuring kits delivered to each of our students and a final project at the … Continue readingAdjusting to Virtual Times

A New Period

At the end of 2015, both Will Mannherz and Rahul Gupta moved from their administrative roles and passed the responsibilities to Kaylin Raby.

Record Sizing

The club reached record sizes, with 80 – 90 students enrolled an active waitlist employed. The increased popularity of the club allowed it to be featured in Penn admissions tours and gain access to more classrooms and labs.