Computer Science Lab Pt. 3 and Mobile Application Development, November 1, 2014

Our lesson plan on Saturday, November 1st furthered the students’ coursework in computer science and introduced the students to the basic principles of mobile application development. Students began this week’s session by continuing their work with the Java programming language, building on their work with loops and then learning about functions. For last half of this lesson, the students used App Inventor and an Android emulator running in the Eclipse coding environment to create two apps. The first app was a game that involved using the touch screen on a smartphone to “throw” the ball around the screen and change colors as it bounced. The second app was a drawing app where the students could draw lines of different colors with the touch screen. These app development activities were paired with a talk about how to design, develop and market mobile applications. Continuing next week, students will begin developing applications in the Java environment.