Arduino Lab Pt. 2, December 6th, 2014

On December 6th, Access Engineering taught a second lesson about the Arduino microcontrollers. Following a short talk about the basics of how servos work, students divided up into small teams to work with Boe-Bots, simple two-servo robots that are easy for students to code and customize. With these base kits, students learned how to calibrate servos and write basic robotic code. Then, building off the Arduino lesson in an earlier lab, students used photoresistors to create robots that could drive towards a light source. This was the last lesson of this semester, and all students filled out surveys to create a potential advanced program schedule while improving the introductory program for future students. All of Access Engineering had a great time creating and teaching these lesson plans this semester, and we look forward to continuing our work with old faces while meeting many more next semester.